Spinning head

I’m tired and my head is spinning a bit. Just got back from a week Switzerland, and the trip back home started at 5:45. I’ll show some pics when I get them.

Cure for blisters, anyone?

Another lovely warm sunny summer day, but I guess I’ll stay in today. These blisters are killing me. Does anyone know a cure?

Acquired two blisters

Wednesday: Wednesday Night Skate, Rotterdam. Although this resulted in 2 blisters, I really had a very great, great time skating with Sintha and her dad and the many, many other skaters. The weather was just beautiful, and the people were all relaxed. Riding through stop signs and past all the waiting cars.

Frustrating summer weather

It should be summer, but the weather isn’t acting like it… frustrating!! Does anyone know what to do, I’m so bored…

Late poetry

I know, the poetry section needs to be refreshed. So I’ll start it today okay? Umm maybe tomorrow, because it’s getting late now.

Event Horizon

Marc turned 15 so we went up to his bday party and ended up seeing a pretty scary movie Event Horizon.

Learnful rainy day

Despite the rainy weather, I had a really wonderful day today. I learned a lot. Thanks you, friends.

25 mins of skating

After doing stuff in church, I just hung out a little at home. And again I did some inline skating, this time about 25 mins.

Nothing and nothing

Nothing new to report. You’ll be seeing this message over and over in the future. Or you’ll just see nothing at all ^_^.

John Woo Mission

Wow! The movie Mission: Impossible II is really full of action. John Woo made some very good cuts, with all the slo-mo stuff. I enjoyed M:I-2.

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