Last tests

Today were the last tests. Again, one of them went great, the other: I have no idea if I passed this one. I still need to find a supermarket, but I didn’t feel like it, because all of the rain.

First whole day

Today was the first whole day that I’ve been out of the house. And it’s loads of fun! Me and my roommate still need to scout out the area tho.

The rest

I had two tests today, and one of them went excellent, the other: I have no idea. Today we went moving the rest to my new place (I now have a desk as well ^_^).


Went moving my roommate to the new place. So I also have the key to my new home. There’ll probably be fewer updates in the future cause I don’t have Internet there yet. And at about 6pm I started moving to The Hague. First all the necessary stuff, including my bed and books. The rest will come tomorrow.


Some time this week I’ll be moving to The Hague… I’m sure it’ll be fun! Today was another Chinese lesson with 5 new words, I need to practice more cos all those chars get me CONFUSED, not to mention the Christmas song. Okay in a minute I’m going to try that cream soda that Lisa recommended ^_^.

K’s choice

The K’s Choice concert was excellent! Almost 1:30hrs music and entertainment, of course including their latest single Almost Happy and their classic Not An Addict.

Train rain

RAIN. I was trying to get to school, but first 3 trains didn’t go. So I missed a class completely and came late for the next. Going back home was a disaster too :-/.

Soo much dryer

I was outside for about 2 minutes and I was completely wet cos of the rain. Haha, I went back inside and asked if I could take the car, it’s soo much dryer that way.

Chinese Christmas

Guess what… I already have to learn a Christmas song! For school. Chinese school. And the Christmas song is Chinese. Haha, I can’t keep up with the words!!

Party and sleep

Today some more sleeping! I really needed to catch up all of my sleep I didn’t get during school period and the party yesterday. It feels good 🙂

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