Good day of rest

After a good night of party comes a good day of rest. So that’s what I basically did today: SLEEP ^_^. And I can tell you: That was fun too. haha 🙂

Asian Party Escape

Party!!! The Escape Venue, Amsterdam, was insanely packed, cos of the Asian Party. Despite the long line to get in, I had a great time there…

AsianAvenue Meet

Met up with some friends from We went eating (dim sum), went to see some Chinese sports thing, go-karting and dinner.

Almost holidays

Sorry (especially to my regular visitors ^_^) that there aren’t many updates here, school is just too busy. Next week is holiday tho!

Making choices YGT

This nite was YGT. The theme was “making choices”, and I think there were about 30 people. I think it all went very well and we learned from the Word.

Second Chinese lesson

Today was my second Chinese lesson! The teacher talks so fast, I hardly can keep up, I guess I have to practice A LOT, or more :-).

X-Men movie

Hanging out with some friends to see the movie X-Men. I really loved the movie! The special effects, the action, the actors were all good, in my opinion.

Living out

Went with a friend to find the room we might go live in in The Hague. It looks so far so good. I’m pretty excited in living somewhere else.

Collector’s edition

The album Kid A by Radiohead released, but called back due to technical difficulties. I’ll call it an limited/exclusive edition, because I have one!

Drawing boredom

After the service in church we just sat down and started drawing some useless stuff. (Scan’ll be here soon). Funny to see what comes out of boredom.

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