Exhausted skate

I went for 30-35 minutes of inline skating just now, and I’m exhausted. And my sis never pick up her phone.

Romeo Must Die

Another boring day, but I saw Romeo Must Die, but the image/sound quality wasn’t good at all. I also made my SyndiCube Webdesign site.

Shanghai Noon

The movie Shanghai Noon is funny stuff! Jackie Chan and and Lucy Liu form a cool team. I also went for some inline skating in Rotterdam.

Lack of sleep due to yesterday

I currently have a lack of sleep, also because of the bday party yesterday. You’ll see some pictures soon enough.

Belgium trip

Whoa I have to get the train in an hour to go to Belgium. The total train trip is 2 hours and 7 mins, so I have some time to listen to my Walkman.

Hectic house

It’s a hectic time in the house right now, as my parents are about to go on their vacation to China.

Barbecue and sports

This day could’ve been way better, but aside from that, the barbecue was lovely. Even did some sports, basketball, today.

Last exam for the year

Finally, vacation! Hurraaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!! I just finished my last exam, the sun is shining brightly. And my mood is too.

Need vacation

I can’t wait for it to be Thursday, as the day before is my last exam. I really need some vacation to get my mind off a lot, and on some other things.


I bought a cute tortoise at the Pasar Malam Besar. I also hope you like my newly scanned pictures.

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